Technical Services


Real Yachting offers professional technical service with highly qualified personnel for lovers of yachting.
At the end of each boating season, each yacht needs lots of care, which eventually will lead to your yacht comfort and durability. Knowing that these cares are necessities and are important to prevent larger problems that may arise in the future.
Acquiring a yacht you will be faced with everyday problems concerning the crew, maintenance, port, change of registration, the charter etc.
Let us take care of all of it.
We maintain permanent contact with a team of professionals including engineers and architects nautical electricians and painters for you the best services you can have.
Relying on a network of competent partners we offer a comprehensive range of service and quality for the preparation of motor yacht, sailing boats and gullets. We can travel to your service in all over the Turkish marines.
Here are the services we offer at your disposal:

• Paints and paint underwater (primary, antifouling …).
• We use vinyl type resins which ensure optimal protection against osmosis phenomena.
• Implementation of customized paintings, or of digital adhesive decorations…
• For fibre yachts we use gelcoat.
• We do polishing paste.
• We suggest you make all kinds of polyester works:
– Repair the damaged structure in accidents, calibrations…
-Laying reinforcements for new equipment (davits, winches, racks)

• The installation takes place following these steps:
– Removal of annoying hardware elements
– Adjustment of slats and racks (screwing)
– Dismantling the slats and degreasing support (teak and deck)
– Collage pieces with polyurethane sealant and screwing battens
– Drying
– Sanding to prepare the teak finish (upgrading slats)
– Caulking intervals with specific silicone sealant
– Fine sanding to remove excess glue.

• It is possible in most cases to repair or change a split latte, or to pick areas that have suffered from water infiltration.
• Marine electronics navigation, safety and comfort on board.
• Specific facilities (group, heating, propellers …) and the common equipment (vests, anchor …)